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Working type episode 1

Working type (18+)
Episode 1
Mrs Martin "it good here "I was about calling you " the secretary ushered flora to the manager office " she excuse from the door and watch her close the door gently "
sir, you called for me " she sat down adjusting her skirt "yes Mrs Martin" I so much appreciate your efforts in this company "you not a lazy type "
thank you sir. "she spoke with a smile " I have go through all your files "no work left on done"despite being married "you never come to work late "
I think you deserve this promotion "
waw! "sir "flora stood up in excitement "here you go . I hope you add more strength this year "
thank you sir "I can't believe I got promoted "
you deserve it flora " you hardworking, intelligence and humble "thank you so much sir"she stood up to leave "
sure, you can leave "it call for celebration " flora open the door in excitement and kept smiling "hey flora. You look excited, do you just win a lottery" Clara tease her while grabbing the envelope from her "
hey stop. Steve haven't seen it yet "common am your best friend and secret admirer "let me see it "she grabbed it once again.
Hey Steve is my husband and sweet heart "he deserve to see it first "whatever "she watch her pack her stuff in excitement" flora, flora . I hope you OK
"yh! Much OK " she replied while arranging her bag "
Clara stop bothering her. I finally got the reason behind her smile "( Andrea Bump in while adjusting his tie "common tell me. "Mrs Martin just get promoted "
waw! Am so happy for you "Clara embrace her in excitement "you deserve it flora "
thank you Clara. I get to go" she pick up her car key and rush out "
.she open her car and noticed the ring on her phone "my love "
Flora : baby. I got a big surprise for you "she scream in excitement "
Steve " can't wait, come home quickly "am so hungry "
Flora :damn! You good at that "I love you "
She hung up and concentrated on her driving ......
Honey, I never thought I could be promoted "everything seems like night mare, she sat down pulling her jacket "
am so happy for you baby "Steve hand her a glass of wine "cheers "they both sip a little and dropped it down while staring at one another
"hey don't give me that eyes "why. Steve sat closer to her smiling "your eyes get me off my clothes "she stood up
And excuse to the room "
love, that keeps me reminded " there is a party holding up in my office tomorrow "I want you to be there please "
common Steve. You know the nature of my job, mind you I just get promotedhttp://aprokogang.blogspot.com/

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